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Ishikari nabe




This is Ishikarinabe, the delicious nabe (hot pot) from Hokkaido 北海道! The island in the north of Japan :D! This is where our Friend Michiyo Oki Tsujiuchi live :D


It's interesting like nabe are similar to their origins! In Hokkaido there is a lot of amazing delicious vegetables that are cultivate, like potatoes, corn, onion, cabbage... And Hokkaido's sea are full of seafood!

And this is the reason why sake 鮭 (salmon) is the main ingredient of this hot pot, because it's in Hokkaido's sea that the Japanese salmon is catch! (=^O^=)

for 2 serv. ニ人分

-2-3 big leaves of kyabetsu キャベツ (green kabbage)
-2 medium size potatoes じゃが芋
-1/2 momendofu 木綿豆腐 (~150g) (firm Japanese tofu)
-200g of salmon fillet 鮭
-5-6 asari アサリ (clams)
-1 welsh onion 長ねぎ (only the white part)
-3 fresh shiitake 生椎茸
-3 arms of zuwaigani ズワイガニ (snow crabs) you can also use another kind of crab.

-some ikura いくら (salmon row)

-500cc of katsuodashi カツオだし or niboshidashi 煮干しだし
-2 tbsp of akamiso 赤みそ (red miso paste, not too much dark)
-1 tbsp of sake 酒
-1/2 tbsp of mirin 味醂
-(1 tsp sugar 砂糖)

another ingredients that you can use:
-some shirataki 白滝 or ito konyaku 糸こんにゃく (noodles made from konjak root)
-cod fillet タラ
-some oysters カキ (whiteout shells)
-some scallop  ホタテ貝
-squid イカ
-shrimps エビ 
-onion 玉ねぎ
-corn トウモロコシ
-shungiku 春菊
-mizuna 水菜
-some fresh Japanese mushrooms


When you buy clams, choose little clams, it's look like Japanese clams ;D

Clean clams very well under water. 

Then mix a little bit of salt in water (make ~1% salt water) and cover at 3/4 clams with salt water. Let the clams soaking for 30min.

DSC06433I don't know the utility of this process but I know that is important ^^" 


Stemmed potatoes until they are cook (about 30min)


check with a bamboo skewer if they are cooked.

Wrap your hand with a cloth, and using a knife peal potatoes


then cut in half 



remove the white hard part of kabagge


then cut it in mediam size pieces



Cut negi (welsh onion) in diagonal slices



cut the tofu in 2-3cm slices.



For salmon, you can take out the skin if you don't like it, but if you let it, you have to remove scales using your knife or an urokohiki うろこ引き (it's the think that is use in Japan for remove scales)

Then cut the salmon into bite size pieces



I cut a star shape on top of shiitake, you can cut as you like...


Then put ingredients in a big plate or like me in a Hangiri 飯切 , it's a flat-bottom wooden barrel often use for mix sushi rice.



.Mix in a bowl miso, sake, mirin and sugar if you like a little sweeter taste



Ok, for making nabe you need a portable gas cooker

And a donabe 土鍋 it's a Japanese earthenware pot.

Or a tetsunabe 鉄鍋 it's a Japanese cast iron pot.

If you don't have any, an usual heavy pot is also fine.


Heat the dashi stock in the pot. when the dashi begin to boil, reduce the heat and dissolve 1/2 of miso, the place quickly the ingredients one by one.


cover with the led and let it simmerred at low medium until vegetables are cooked (about 5min.) When all is cooked, dissolve the remaining miso. adding miso at the end it'll not loose flavor.


let the heat at very low during the meal, don't bring to boil again!

Serve ingredients in a bowl little by little with some broth. And add the special ingredient:

IKURA いくら salmon row! It goes so well with this hot pot!

Choose your favorite ikura; ikura no shio zuke いくらの塩漬け (salt flavorred ikura) or ikura no shoyu zuke いくらの醤油漬け (soy sauce flavorred ikura)

Just put on top of your food. ;D


When you finish a nabe, you can add Japanese noodles in the remaining broth. Often udon are used, but this time I used chukamen 中華麺 Chinese style Japanese noodles.



Soooo this was my first translate in English recipe, I wish you'll enjoy it (=^.^=)v and pleas tell me if my words are not correct.

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