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24 mars 2012 6 24 /03 /mars /2012 17:48


Nihon no hocho


Japanese knives are the best knives in the world! It's not me who says it, it is a fact! And that is because they were made on the same model to the Nihon to 日本刀 also call Katana 刀 Japanese swords,

which are the weapons most sharp, most accurate, most advanced and most beautiful that the world has known.. And all these qualities are found in kitchen knives.


There is an incredible diversity of Japanese knives, 50 kinds! And each knife has a very specific purpose.

So I will show you some basic knives that I use in my recipes. ;D


-nakiri bocho 菜切り包丁 

This is a very old knife with a rectangular shape that is made for cutting vegetables, you can also use a santoku instead. This is one of the few Japanese knife that have a double sharp age.

-santokubocho  三徳包丁 [sa'n-to-kou]

This is multipurpose knife which is use for cutting vegetables, meat and fish. It has also a double sharp age

Santoku is actually the fusion of 2 kind of knives, the nakiri bocho (for vegetables) and the gyuto 牛刀 which is a western style knife for cutting meat.


(western style knife gyuto)


-deba bocho 出刃包丁 

This is a thick and heavy knife with one side of the blade sharp, which is made to open and filleted fish. You can cut the bone / fish head without problem, it's done for ;D but do not do it with the tip, use the bottom part that is thicker.



-sashimi bocho 刺身包丁

Sashimi bocho are knives made for cutting sashimi => slices of raw fish


professional chefs use sashimi bocho with a 30cm blade or more, at home a 21 cm blade is ok.

Actually there is 2 kinds of sahimi bocho

-yanagibabocho 柳刃包丁 


This is the sashimi bocho originally used in the Kansai 关西, southwest of Hon-shu 本州 (the main island of Japan)


Kasai is a group of Prefecture:

 - Kyoto Prefecture 京都府

-Osaka Prefecture 大阪府

- Hiyogo prefecture  兵库県

-Nara Prefecture 奈良県

-Shiga prefecture 滋贺県

-Wakayama prefecture 和歌山県


The second kind is :

-Takobiki bocho 蛸引包丁

It hase a rectangular shape, but I have no idea what is the difference to Yanagiba...

This is the sashimi bocho originally used in the Kanto region  関東 

Kanto Prefecture is composed of:

-Chiba prefecture 千葉県

-Gunma prefecture 群馬県

-Ibaraki prefecture 茨城県

-Kanagawa prefecture 神奈川県

-Saitama prefecture 埼玉県

-Tochigi prefecture 栃木県

-Tokyo prefecture 東京都


In the kanto region takobikiis uses not only for cutting sashimi,

but also norimaki 海苔巻き (sushi roll)

While in the kansai, they don't use their sashimi bocho for cutting norimaki but another knife that I'll show you. (it's the next ;D)



-Sushikiribocho 寿司切り包丁

And here is the biiiiig knife used for cutting norimaki that is used in the Kansai region! It's very long so you can cut several roll at the same time.

 -usubabocho 薄刃包丁

This is a knife with only one side sharpened. It's use to carve/peeling vegetables.


The carrot shaped into plum blossom , renkon shaped chrysantheme flower... all of this thinks is do thank to usuba


With this knife you can do that!

It's call daikon no katsuramuki 大根のかつらむき the daikon is peel very loooong (in fact all of the daikon is peel in one time, whiteout breaking it!) and then the daikon "sheet" is roll and cut very finely


There is 2 kinds of usuba:

the usuba that is use in Kanto area 関東

It has a rectangular shape. Hihi yes Kanto people like rectangulars! XD


And the usuba that is used in kansai 関西


Pan kiri bocho パン切り包丁 [pa'n-ki-ri-boo-t'choo]

And yes a bread knife! Everyone has this at home! I show you that because normally the Yamaimo and nagaimo is a special knife (I don't know how it's called ...) that looks like a small saw, but you can use a bread knife instead : D hihi this is a trick from Yanagihara Naoyuki 柳原尚之!



Next knifes that I'll show you are more... special knifes I don't have this next, it's just for fun that I show you ;D

-magurobocho 鮪包丁 

This knife looks like a swoooord (=^O^=) but in fact it's a biiig knife use for filleted tuna, it's also a a knife with only one side of the blade sharp.


-Menkiribocho 麺切り包丁 

        This knife is used for cutting noodles 



-Fugubiki bocho ふぐ引き包丁 [fou-gou-bi-ki]

This knive is use for cut slices very finely call usuzukuri 薄造り of the famous Fugu ふぐ (blow fish)!

It's a fish a bit special because its body is impregnated with a toxin deadly to humans and there is no cure for this toxin.  In Japan only cooks who have a special license can prepare fugu. It must remove the skin and empty its organs without breaing it.



-Unagi saki bocho 鰻裂き包丁 [ou-na-gui-ssa-ki]

This one is a special knife for filleted unagi, => eel


And this are my Japanese knives 


Ok this was only few Japanese knives, I wish you'll like!

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